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Before I head in explaining as to what causes breast cancer, I would like to give an introduction first.

What Is Breast Cancer?

It is a cancer type, which develops from the breast cells. They usually start in inner milk ducts lining or lobules, which supplies them with the milk. It is actually malignant tumor, which begins in the breast cells and gradually spreads to the surrounding tissues. This is seen in women but studies have claimed that even men can acquire it too.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of A Breast Cancer?

I will be just giving a little introduction of the symptoms out here but for a detailed note, just read my next article.

  • A lump inside the breast
  • Pain in armpits
  • Redness at the breast skin
  • Swelling at armpits
  • Shape as well as breast size changes
  • Nipple begins to peel

So, What Causes Breast Cancer?

The causes of breast cancer are many and not just one. The mysterious thing about this disease is that even health experts haven’t able to tell the exact reason. It is really hard to know as to why a person suffers this disease. However, there are certain risk factors, which can greatly increase the possibilities of breast cancer.

1. Getting Older

Getting Older

This is the major cause of breast cancer. When an older female gets this disease, age is her only factor. More than 80% breast cancers in females occur at the age 50+ (after a menopause).

2. Genetics


This is another reason for the cause of breast cancer. Women, who has a very close relative or family member and who had/has been suffering from breast cancer are prone to it.

3. Having Had Some Breast Lumps Types

Having Had Some Breast Lumps Types

A woman, who had already certain non-cancerous or benign types of breast lumps will be likely to get the cancer in her later life.

4. Dense Breast Tissues

Dense Breast Tissues

This is one of the major causes of breast cancer. A woman with denser breast tissues will have massive chances of developing a breast cancer.

5. Estrogen Exposure

Estrogen Exposure

Even we know that excess estrogens aren’t good for females. A woman, who has her periods earlier / entered a menopause lately when compared to the usual time specified, will have a very high risk in developing breast cancer. In fact, this is one of the commonly seen causes of breast cancer. So, what is the reason behind? Well, their bodies acquire excess estrogen exposure and it begins when the periods start & drops drastically during menopause.

6. Obesity


Apart from the above listed reasons, what causes breast cancer literally? Well, obesity of course. Know how to lose weight fast and be in shape. Obesity is something that can easily invite not only breast cancer but also several other diseases. You need to be healthy and fit.

7. Height


Yes, even height is one of the major causes of breast cancer. When a woman is taller when compared to an average woman then there is a huge risk of developing a breast cancer.

8. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption

The more you consume alcohol, more is the risk of development of breast cancer. Regular drinks, smoking often can easily invite breast cancer. Even if you drink, make sure that you never exceed 1 alcoholic beverage in a day.

9. Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure

Radiations are one of the main factors for the causes of breast cancer. Undergoing CT scans, X-rays can easily raise the risk of breast cancer.

10. Hormone Replacement Therapy = HRT

Hormone Replacement Therapy = HRT

Even HRT can greatly increase the risk of developing this disease. Both the forms – estrogen-only and combined HRT therapies has a massive impact.


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