Is There A Cure For Cancer?

Is There A Cure For Cancer

So, is there a cure for cancer? The answer to this question depends on what stage the cancer is in. There are many cures for cancer if you have them treated in its early stage. Before I explain you about the cures for cancer, I would like to tell you what a cancer is.

What Is Cancer?

A cancer is a disease where there are uncontrolled abnormal cells dividing inside the body. Cancer can be classified into many different types and each has its own symptoms and treatments. Cancer greatly harms your body if the damaged cells multiply further. They usually form uncontrollable tissue masses or lumps known as “tumors”. These can grow & even interfere with nervous, digestive as well as circulatory systems.

More malignant or dangerous tumor forms when 2 things occur

  1. The cancerous cells manage moving throughout your body using lymph or blood systems. This destroys all the healthy tissues with a known process “invasion”
  2. The cell further manages to grow and divide while making fresh blood vessels so that it can feed itself. This process is called “angiogenesis”.

When the tumor spreads successfully in all the other body parts & multiplies further to invade and destroy the healthy tissues, this is called “metastasized”. The process is known as “metastasis”. The result is very serious condition, which becomes very complex to treat.

There certainly are many cures of cancers but it entirely depends on the stage you are in. The early you are set to treat the better are the results. So, the answer to the question is there a cure for cancer found depends on your stages. Prevention is the best cure, according to me. If you are someone, who is suffering from cancer then there are certain things you should note down. Just read the rest of the article

How To Fight Against Cancer?

The answer to the question is there a cure for cancer is as follows. There are no drugs, treatments or herbs that can kill cancer. It requires being treated with the immune system. Below are some natural tips to help you fight against them.

Don’t Even Think Of Touching Junk & Sugary Foods

Consuming white sugar can actually hinder and paralyze the WBCs (White Blood Cells) from fighting the infection. Just consuming 25-teaspoons sugar can easily paralyze about 92% WBCs for 5-hours approximately. On an average, an American consumes more than 42-teaspoons sugar in a day.

Eliminate Diet That Is Of High-Fat
Diets that are high in fat are something that has to be eliminated. The refined fats increase the cancer risk. In particular, breast cancer attacks women.

Be On Raw Diet

I completely understand how hard it is to be on a raw diet. This sounds really very hard to follow but if you want to cure cancer then just do it. Focus on raw vegetables, nuts, fruits & sprouted grains. Follow this until the cancer decreases. No more cooked beans, potatoes and bread. Just raw and natural foods. This actually sounds too tough but it is far easier than taking chemotherapy & seeing yourself being very weak, vomiting often and having your hairs falling out drastically. The worse thing is that chemotherapy won’t build your immune system. In fact, it will tear completely. Will you want this? I hope not and this is why raw food now might sound better? The raw foods has a lot of nutrition that can help your immune system greatly. They are rich in phytochemicals, minerals, enzymes, vitamins etc. When food is cooked it is actually dead. You try planting seeds and it grows but plant them after cooking the seeds – what happens? Obviously, it won’t grow. The same logic applies for your cancer cells. Place the cancer cells on cooked media – it proliferates but when you place them in raw matter – it disappears! This fact is aware by the cancer society but wasn’t informed.


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