Today, I am going to explain you about “snoring”. At some point or the other or probably every night you must have heard any of your family member snoring or you yourself must be snoring during sleep. Well, who knows? However, the sounds of a snore are disturbing and the one who sleeps next to the snoring person gets extremely frustrated. Such are the times when one wonders how to stop snoring naturally? I mean are there are really some ways to get rid? Oh, please help me. If you are in such a situation too, here is something for you to know.

Before I tell you the tips, let me explain you what snoring actually is.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is a sound produced by a human during his or her sleep. It is the consequence of vibrations in the respiratory structure. These vibrations cause the particles in air to produce sound waves. Say for example, when a person speaks, his or her vocal cords vibrate & this results in “voice”. Similarly, when the stomach growls, our intestines inside vibrate (when food and air move through). Whenever, there is a blocked air movement while sleeping or breathing, a sound is produced. This sound can be soft, unpleasant or loud. Now coming back to snoring, when a human sleeps, the turbulent airflow may cause the throat and palate’s tissues (mouth roof) to vibrate. Thus making the person to snore. I hope you now have a general idea as to what snoring is.

What Causes Snoring?

The causes of snoring are many and not just one. These include

  • Extreme stress
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Throat weakness
  • Obstruction in nasal passageway
  • OPA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)
  • Fat around throat
  • Dispositional jaw
  • Muscle tension in throat
  • Improper sleeping position
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Sleeping pills
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Allergy
  • Binge eating
  • Lack of exercises
  • Small nostrils
  • Obesity

How To Stop Snoring Naturally?

Even though snoring is common, there are ways to get rid of it naturally. With just few tricks followed every day, you will have a good sleep and even let your beloved to sleep peacefully near you.

1. Say No To Smoking & Drinking

Say No To Smoking & Drinking

There is no doubt how dangerous the consequences of these 2 bad habits can be. Health experts say that the smoke from a cigarette extremely irritates the throat and nasal cavity’s lining. This further develops swelling and soon the nasal passage becomes congested, making a person hard to breathe with his or her nose. This is how the airflow decreases, soon leading to loud snoring and gradually lung cancer as well. Hence, it is better to avoid these 2 habits rather than inviting and suffering those dangerous health diseases.

2. Eat Good Food

Eat Good Food

Your diet has a great impact indeed. Believe it or not but a healthy diet can help you overcome your snoring problems. Focus more on rich fibers, green leafy vegetables, colorful raw fruits, proteins and other minerals. Avoid junks, fried and oily stuffs.

3. Kick The Fat Out

Kick The Fat Out

Obesity is one of the major reasons for snoring. The fat tissues occupying your neck literally squeezes the airflow, which in turn blocks the air from flowing in & out freely. Maintain an ideal weight. If you are aware that you’re obese then act immediately. Join a gym or workout every morning and evening.

4. Sleep Right

Sleep Right

Improper sleeping position is yet another cause for snoring. If you are still wondering how can I stop snoring then all you have to do is to sleep the right way. Lying on the back easily makes the soft palate and tongue’s base to collapse. This in turn makes a person to snore louder during his or her sleep. Sleep on the side. This will do the trick. On the other hand, if you really find it that hard to sleep with sides then get 2 tennis balls. Trust me this will make it work. Just tap them on your pajama’s back and you will stop sleeping on your back.

5. Have Some Extra Comfortable Pillows

Have Some Extra Comfortable Pillows

If you are still pondering how do I stop snoring then consider propping the head up using an extra comfortable pillow. This actually opens the airway more and prevents the throat’s back from collapsing and snoring. One can even raise bed’s head few inches by placing some bricks under its legs.

6. Treat Your Allergies

Treat Your Allergies

A chronic respiratory allergy might cause snoring. It forces the victims to breathe with their mouths during sleep. At such situations, taking antihistamines right before bedtime can help. In case, the nose is stuffed or blocked up, prefer using a humidifier or saline spray. If you are sure that congestion or cold is the real reason behind your snoring, then the best way to clear your blocked nose is by running a humidifier at your bedroom during nighttime. This will drain your sinuses, shrinks down the nasal mucous & thus giving a better airflow. Now, when there is proper air passage, one wouldn’t snore of course.

7. Sleeping Pills Can Increase Snoring

Sleeping Pills Can Increase Snoring

The next important tip to make a note of on how to stop snoring naturally is “sleeping pills”. Today’s hectic lifestyle has made man worse. Millions of people around the world find it very hard to get good sleep. This is when they end up taking sleeping pills. Now these pills have side effects too – one major being “snore”. You may not realize this instantly but as time passes, you will observe for sure. A sleeping pill depresses the central nervous system, making an individual to snore more. The substances used in sleeping pills contribute to OPA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), a severe condition, which has been often associated with cardiovascular problems. Never ever do the mistake of taking sleeping pills unless prescribed by your doctor.

8. Do The Special Throat Exercise

Do The Special Throat Exercise

You must have heard of exercises to lose weight but have you ever heard of throat exercises to stop someone from snoring? If no, then read this. A 30-minute throat exercise session every day can help you overcome your snoring problems soon. Pronouncing few vowel sounds repeatedly and curling your tongue in certain ways strengthens the upper respiratory muscles, which in turn stops snoring.

This throat exercise session includes the below:

  • Repeat every vowel (that is A, E, I, O, U) aloud for 3 minutes every day. Practice this often in a day.
  • Keep your tongue’s tip behind the teeth (upper front). Slide the tongue back for three minutes in a day.
  • Close the mouth with lips pursed. Hold it for at least 30-seconds.
  • Open your mouth and move the jaw to right side & hold it for 30-seconds. Repeat the same for left side.
  • Keep your mouth open and contract the muscles at the throat’s back for 30-seconds repeatedly. A better alternative would be to stand in front of the mirror to look at your uvula move up & down.

9. Stay Hydrated All The Time

Stay Hydrated All The Time

Dehydration can also be one of the major causes of snoring. Secretions inside your soft palates and nose get stickier when you are dehydrated, further leading the person to snore more. To remain hydrated, focus on 4-liters of water per day, fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

10. Play Didgeridoo Or Just Sing

Play Didgeridoo Or Just Sing

This might sound weird to you but after researching for a while, I came across with this trick, which many snorers had found it working. Singing or playing Didgeridoo (a wind instrument used by Australian Aborigines) can strengthen one’s throat muscles. It helps in firming the tissues of both mouth and throat. Moreover, it completely prevents snoring within sometime. If you are a very bad singer and feel that you’ll be embarrassed after people hear you sing then I have a good tip. Sing when you drive. Turn on your car’s music system high and sing as loud as you can. When you sing many times per day, it is actually like a workout for your throat. This in turn lets you have better sound sleep.


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