How Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

When it comes to healthy foods to lose weight, the one most effective ingredient that makes the list is none other than “Green Tea”. This makes you wonder how does green tea help you lose weight? Does it truly work? Well, research has already proved that green tea is one of the healthiest natural beverages, which is packed with natural antioxidants & other vital substances. Research shows that green tea for weight loss is absolutely great than any other ingredient. Let us see how.

Does Green Tea Help Lose Weight?

Consuming 1 to 2 small cups of green tea provides multiple benefits for your health. And the one major being weight loss. Green tea helps the body to burn calories & fats, which is the primary reason why it’s been used in some well-known diet pills. Even though green tea doesn’t provide quick outcomes like other fat loss products but is safe in losing your weight.

1. Green Tea Cuts Down Fat

When fat and sugar enters your body, it is synthesized to a very vital substance known as “triglyceride”. Now, this synthesis occurs in small intestines & liver. This is when triglycerides are transported to several body parts through bloodstreams. Triglyceride offers energy to different body functions. But a problem occurs when there’s an excess triglyceride proportion in body. This additional triglyceride transforms into fat, which results in obesity. Now, green tea counters excess triglyceride for the reason that it has higher quantity of polyphenols. The polyphenols functions to trigger certain enzymes in the body, which helps in dissolving the additional triglyceride. This literally means that fat in the body can be easily reduced once a person starts drinking green tea regularly.

2. Green Tea Enhances In Burning Calories During Workouts

When it comes to the question how does green tea help you lose weight, this point is something you need to take a note of. If you pay attention to the tag of any commercial fat loss supplement, possibilities are that they might have added “tea” as their main ingredient. The reason behind this is that green tea highly helps in burning fat, particularly during exercise.

3. Green Tea Greatly Stimulates Metabolism

Yet another important benefit of drinking green tea regularly is that it stimulates your metabolism largely. It offers potent antioxidants, which benefits your body. One such antioxidant is known as EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate. This stimulates metabolism in your body & further speeds the process of weight loss. ECGC combines with green tea’s caffeine to stimulate central nervous system & then releases fat in bloodstreams so that your body can utilize fat like fuel. The method of utilizing fat like fuel is called “thermo genesis”.

4. Caffeine In Green Tea Works Great On Fat Cells

Even you know that green tea is not only a flavored water but a great fat burner too. The bioactive components present inside tealeaves easily dissolves in water, which then makes up the drink. This liquid mixture is well known for caffeine. 1-cup green tea has only 24 mg to 40 mg caffeine, which is very les when compared to 1-cup coffee, which is said to have 100 mg to 200 mg. This stimulant – caffeine aids fat burning & even improves one’s workout performance.


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